Make Money Blogging: The Step-by-Step Guide to Take Your Blog from 0$ to 30'000$ a Month Working from Home (Make Money Online Book 1)

Jordan McKelroy is an accredited Top Class Affiliate Marketer and a full time blogger. A 6 figure CEO & Founder; Coach to thousand of students that left their 9-5 job behind them. The living proof that it’s possible to start from scratch and become millionaires within a few years.

But Jordan McKelroy actually never existed…

I spent years and a lot of effort running away from my 9-5 job. Now, some years later, I make money from the comfort of my own house in Bali. You won’t blame me if I would never give up my privacy revealing my real name.

Nevertheless, this will never stop me from sharing and teaching what i’ve learned during my journey to 6 figures a month. For me blogging was hard, tought, sometimes incomprehensible, but for sure life changing.

By leveranging the knowledge i gained blogging I was able to start Affiliate Marketing, then Kindle Publishing, then Dropshipping and E-Commerce. All this had been possible thanks to a lot of hard work, sweat and passion. Maybe not exactly the Easy Money everybody is looking for, Huh!?.

Hard word, by the way, is useless if you don’t know where to find the right information and the correct processes. I spent so much time and effort collecting all the necessary information…

This book is the #1 of a Book Series about collecting all the necessary information to start, grow and leverage your online businesses to create at least one new stream of income a year. I put inside all the all the information, step-by-step processes, tools and tricks I used.

Let’s start this journey together,

Best wishes,

Jordan… or whatever…

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