VernVerniece: Gadgets We Use For Blogging and Vlogging

*Finally reuploaded!

For 2018, we are finally posting regular videos here on our vlog!!! 🙂 We will be posting every Monday at 11 am and to start off this streak, we are going to talk about gadgets we use everyday! From the cameras we use to take photos for our Instagram accounts to drones and even down to the little accessories 🙂

The Complete List:

1. Dead Cat Road Mic
2. JBL Flip 4
3. DJI Phantom 4 Drone
4. DJI Mavic Pro Drone
6. Sony A7s with 35mm 2.8
7. Sony Lens 16-3mm 1.8
8. Leica Q
9. Vivo v7 Plus
10. #SmartIphoneX
11. HP Spectre 360
12. MacBook Air 11 inch

Leave us a comment on what you want to see here on the vlog!