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System specs:
Just note that the core has been overclocked to 4.5 GHz she can handle 5.0 and I had that on for a while, but I don’t like how hot it gets and there wasn’t much difference performance wise in Arma.

Q + A:

Q: Can I join your ops?
A: Yes! You just need to be at least 18 years of age. It’s best to show up during a friday as to those are our public op days at 4PM EST. here’s a link to our Teamspeak and website: and

Q: Do I need DLC to play your ops?
A: Yes, you at least need Apex DLC, but it’s also highly recommended you get all of the DLCs, otherwise you may not be able to complete objectives.

Q: Do you have any rules against Dual Clanning for Arma?
A: No. Come in and play what you want. IMO dual clanning rules are just in bad taste: You should be able to play where you want so long as you keep up with your responsibilities…

Q: How do you upload so often?
A: I just have good time management…and play a lot of Arma…

Q: What mods do you use to zeus?

Q: Where did you learn to zeus?
A: Self taught. I’ve also looked across the internet at different zeus players to learn what works and what doesn’t so I don’t have to test things, though to be a good zeus, knowing things is only half of the solution. The trick is to deliver what your playerbase wants. if you can do that and let everyone have a good time, then you’re a successful zeus.
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